Change Default Unit of Measurements in QuarkXPress

Like many applications, QuarkXPress lets you change its defaults for new documents. For example, maybe you prefer to work in picas, inches or centimeters. To set QuarkXPress so that every new document uses your preferred unit of measurement, first be sure that no document is open. (Otherwise, your changes will only apply to the current document!)

Then choose Preferences… from either the QuarkXPress menu (Mac) or Edit menu (Windows). Under the Default Print Layout section, you’ll see Measurements. Set it to your preferred unit of measurement.

Prefs>Print Layout>Measurements

If you’re working on a document, you can change its unit of measurement by simply Control/Ctrl-clicking or right-clicking on each ruler and choosing the unit of measurement you prefer:


Note: you don’t have to change the unit of measurements of your document to use different units — just type your preferred value into any field, along with the unit. For example: type 1 in or 2 cm or 3 p. QuarkXPress will convert your value to the current units for you!