Tablet Publishing World Tour: “Think Beyond Ink”


Quark’s App Studio experts are going on a world tour to demonstrate how to use InDesign or QuarkXPress to publish to tablet apps.

The tour begins March 13 — if you’re anywhere near these events, I encourage you to attend. Details are in Quark’s press release below.


Think Beyond Ink Tour Sheds Light on Tablet Publishing

Series of Global Events Answers Why and How to Publish to Digital Devices, Offers Tips on What to Expect, and Details How to Get Started Quickly

DENVER, CO – February 7, 2013 – Publishing to digital devices is a skill that virtually any designer or content creator can master, yet few know where to begin. To help designers get started creating layouts for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Android devices, App StudioTM presents the Think Beyond Ink Tour. The tour, which features free live events in San Francisco, New York, Hamburg, Paris, and London, will shed light on digital publishing by addressing:

  • Why digital is the future of publishing
  • The difference between apps and eBooks
  • The costs involved in creating and publishing apps
  • Why designers need to go beyond static, boring PDFs
  • How to create HTML5-based apps from QuarkXPress® and InDesign

The Think Beyond Ink Tour, hosted by App Studio, is a series of free, half-day events that will feature an overview of digital publishing, an introduction to App Studio, and an overview of how to get started quickly. Designers of all levels who are just getting started or who are looking for alternative solutions to digital publishing can register now for the event in their area.

Tour Dates

  • March 13, 2013: San Francisco, CA
  • March 21, 2013: Hamburg, Germany
  • March 27, 2013: Paris, France
  • April 2, 2013: New York, NY
  • April 10, 2013: London, UK

Learn more and register here:

App Studio: Go Digital with QuarkXPress and InDesign

App Studio is the new, cloud-based solution for designing and publishing content-based apps. Its ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordability are unlike any other solution available for digital publishing.

  1. Start with QuarkXPress or InDesign: Designers use the tool of their choice to create interactive layouts that can be uploaded directly to App Studio’s cloud environment for easy management.
  2. Let HTML5 do the heavy lifting: With App Studio, layouts are automatically converted into an HTML5 format that is optimized for engaging app experiences on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android devices. With HTML5 at its core App Studio apps enable searchable and selectable text, sharing, tagging, bookmarking, and more.
  3. Choose a plan: Designed to offer everyone from the individual and small agencies to large enterprises a path to digital devices, App Studio pricing plans start at $99.95 per month for multi-issue publications.

Get Started Now

Designers can get started with App Studio by creating a free account. With an App Studio account, designers log in through either QuarkXPress or InDesign to start designing and testing digital publications. Users who have created and tested trial publications can convert those publications to live apps by completing the payment process based on the plan of their choice.

For more details visit:

To get started with a free trial visit:

For examples of App Studio app from around the world visit:

For pricing plans visit:

About App Studio

App Studio ( is the next generation digital publishing solution that uses HTML5 to push the bounds of user experience without the high cost and effort associated with custom app development. By combining the market-leading HTML5 technology from the recent acquisition of PressRun with Quark’s existing digital publishing technology, App Studio is the only digital publishing solution that allows users to create branded content apps using QuarkXPress, InDesign, HTML5, and XML. Through a managed cloud environment, designers, authors, and extended teams are able to collaborate to create rich, interactive content that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices.