BigPicture: the Best Picture Manager

Badia Software’s BigPicture ($59.99, or $14.99/month) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 9/8/7/6/5/4 or a plug-in for InDesign CS6/5/4/3 that lists all the pictures in a project, and shows all the vital information about them (color model, format, file size, effective resolution, compression, scaling, angle, date modified, fonts, colors, etc.).

In addition, BigPicture can select all the pictures in a document that match specific criteria (for example, all RGB images). Its interface shows image thumbnails and the location of each picture in the document as well as its location on your hard drive (you can click to reveal it in the Finder). You can save a report of all this info as well.

You can directly edit a picture using any appropriate application, and BigPicture will update the picture in the layout as soon as you save the image. You can rename a picture file from within BigPicture, and BigPicture updates the link. (You can even batch-rename pictures using logical operators such as “Picture name does not contain”, or “Picture name ends with”.)

You can search for missing pictures and have BigPicture automatically link to files it finds, update all modified pictures in one step, unlink all pictures, relink pictures in a different folder (great for swapping high-res and low-res pictures), and replace any picture while maintaining original transformations such as scaling and cropping.

Notably, a trial version can now be used for unlimited time, although some features are not available until you purchase a subscription or the full version.