Use Quick Look to Preview Quark & Adobe Documents


The Mac OS X Quick Look feature can display the content from many file formats by simply pressing the Spacebar when the file is highlighted in the Finder. However, it can’t preview files from Adobe and Quark documents.

MetaDesign Solutions’ ADOVIEW adds Quick Look support for QuarkXPress 6–8, InDesign CS3–CS6 documents, templates and snippets, InDesign XML Interchange files, InCopy documents and templates, Adobe Swatch Exchange, PostScript, EPS and Illustrator files.

Quick Look also lets you view multiple files as a slide show, as thumbnails, or in full screen view. ADOVIEW adds the ability to view a list of fonts, images and swatches used in InDesign and InCopy Documents, as well as Character Styles, Paragraph Styles, Layout and Fonts used in QuarkXPress documents.

You can preview multiple pages from InDesign CS4–CS6 and Illustrator documents, and spreads in InDesign. You can even zoom into a page area. Buy it for $10 or download a 7-day free trial here.