Convert Illustrator or Photoshop Shapes to Native QuarkXPress Items

Here’s an easy way to bring a shape (path) from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop into QuarkXPress as a native QuarkXPress item. QuarkXPress 9 (or QuarkXPress 8 with Quark’s Print Selection XT, available here) has a hidden feature that lets you convert an embedded clipping path into an editable Bézier box within QuarkXPress. Here’s how it works:

  • Copy the path from Illustrator
  • Paste it into Photoshop
  • Save the Photoshop file
  • Import the Photoshop file into a QuarkXPress picture box (or just drag it onto a QuarkXPress page)
  • In QuarkXPress, select the picture box and choose Item> New Box From Clipping

You can then edit the new Bézier box however you like:  change its shape, stroke it with a Frame, fill it with a picture, text or gradient, add a drop shadow, and so on.

This is also an incredibly handy way to get those ever-useful, built-in vector shapes from Photoshop into QuarkXPress:

If you want to get your new shape back into Adobe Illustrator, you can copy your new QuarkXPress box to a new Layout and then export the Layout in EPS format using File> Export> Layout as EPS. Then open that EPS file in Illustrator.