New GWG Specs for PDF


The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has released its free GWG2012 specification that provides a set of preflight checks and best practice guidelines for a reliable PDF/X-4 based workflow. The new guidelines address new issues such as transparency and layers, and checking of transparency blend color spaces. It also adds new checks for different industry segments. For example, the newspaper industry asked the group for a check for single image pages, and improved checks for image resolution to better handle the many ads they receive as PDF files. Other improvements include more detailed checking on small black or white objects, such as text and lines, in-depth ink coverage checking, and more.

The last set of GWG specifications (version 4) were released in 2009. These were based on PDF/X-1a.

Implementations of the 2012 specification have already been released by companies such as Enfocus, Adobe, and Callas in the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, PitStop Pro and pdfToolbox.

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