FREE 3-day Webinar: “Graphic Design for Everyone”



Next week (Jan 30-Feb 1), reknowned author and instructor Lesa Snider is presenting a free 3-day webinar at “Graphic Design for Everyone”.

As the course description says, during those three days, “you’ll learn the four secrets to great graphic design that’ll ensure your promotional materials always looks their very best. Each design secret will be revealed, defined and then put into practice on several projects including business cards, ads, and more. You’ll also learn a lot about typography and color theory, both of which are essential for your design success.”

Lesa is a popular presenter at events worldwide, partly because of the clarity of her instruction, but also because of her relaxed and humor-filled presentation style.

If you or your colleagues are ready to enjoy reviewing the basic design principles inherent in all good design, tune in for free, or pay $99 to watch it later!

Register for the event or watch her promotional video here.