App Studio is Live!

App Studio for InDesign, QuarkXPress, HTML5 and XML is now live! (Personally, I’d like to see this version called App Studio 2, because it’s a Web-based tool while the original App Studio was a desktop app — see my earlier story about it here.)

It’s going to be amazing to see the profitable ways publishers will use App Studio with Quark’s amazingly universal Quark Publishing Platform, which I wrote about here.

Quark’s press release is below:


App Studio Goes Live for Digital Publishing with HTML5

Designers Can Start Creating Free Trial Publications for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire Devices Now

App StudioTM (, the new cloud-based HTML5 solution that turns print into interactive digital experiences, is live. With HTML5 at its core, App Studio takes the risk out of digital publishing by offering designers – from small agencies to large enterprises – the flexibility to use familiar tools to create app content for virtually any tablet or smartphone. With a free trial and low publishing costs, designers and content creators can get started quickly to create and test apps through App Studio’s managed cloud environment.

Built on tried and tested technology used by publishers, corporations, and non-profits around the world, such as the BBC, New England Journal of Medicine, Time Inc., Amnesty International, Daimler, and more, App Studio is ideal for creating rich, immersive content for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android devices. App Studio supports content created with QuarkXPress®, InDesign, HTML5, and XML and uses HTML5 to automatically transform creative work into content that can be published across a variety of digital devices.

With HTML5 at its foundation, apps created with App Studio:

  • Go beyond static, boring PDFs
  • Feature searchable, fully selectable text
  • Promote sharing, tagging, bookmarking, and other social media interactions
  • Deliver small file sizes for quick download
  • Deploy quickly to new devices as they are released
  • Keep content in an open standard that does not lock customers into proprietary formats

“We set out to offer designers, publishers, and corporate content creators a familiar and sustainable path to app creation and digital publishing,” said Gavin Drake, vice president of marketing for Quark. “By combining the most familiar design tools with the power of HTML5 wrapped in native apps, users can get started with App Studio quickly to publish across devices affordably. There isn’t a solution that makes it easier to create highly interactive, branded apps for tablets and smartphones.”

Getting Started for Free
App Studio pricing plans start at $199.95 for a single edition app or $99.95 per month for a multi-issue publication. A children’s book is an example of a single edition app while a monthly magazine is an example of a multi-issue publication. Designers can get started with App Studio by creating a free account to access App Studio’s managed cloud environment. With an App Studio account, designers log in to the App Studio app within QuarkXPress or InDesign to start designing and testing digital publications. For more details, visit:

About App Studio
App Studio is the next generation digital publishing solution that uses HTML5 to push the bounds of user experience without the high cost and effort associated with custom app development. By combining the market-leading HTML5 technology from the recent acquisition of PressRun with Quark’s existing digital publishing technology, App Studio is the only digital publishing solution that allows users to create branded content apps using QuarkXPress, InDesign, HTML5, and XML. Through a managed cloud environment, designers, authors, and extended teams are able to collaborate to create rich, interactive content that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices. Get started for free at