“Save Picture”: a Quick Way to Copy Picture Files

This happens to me all the time: I’m working on a layout and I import a logo or other graphic file. Soon after, I want to grab a copy of that graphic file to store in the same folder as my project — or maybe I want to send it to an associate for them to use. QuarkXPress’s Collect for Output seems like overkill for this, so I turn to an often-overlooked but incredibly handy feature in QuarkXPress: Save Picture.

You can copy the original picture file from wherever it came from to any location you 
like just by choosing File> Save Picture> Selected Picture….









The dialog box even lets you change the picture’s color mode and/or file format, and relink to the new file. If you’ve used Vista (Picture Effects) to make any changes to the picture, you can optionally choose to permanently apply them to the copy.











Tip #2, for Mac users of QuarkXPress: the Scripts menu has an item named Images> Copy to Folder… that also lets you copy the original picture files.