Clean Your Text, Even Inside QuarkXPress

MacLab’s Text Cleaner 3.6 ($79, Mac only) fixes text formatting mistakes in text files, as well as in text in a QuarkXPress or InDesign document — without losing the text’s formatting.

  • It optionally removes multiple spaces, returns and tabs; removes PC Line feeds; removes email quote symbols; removes line breaks;
  • It creates curly or straight quotes; corrects foot and inch marks; corrects apostrophes for year abbreviations (’98); creates or removes en and em dashes; creates or removes ligatures and ellipses;
  • It removes spaces before and after tabs, returns, hyphens and em dashes; removes spaces before a period;
  • It replaces non-websafe characters with their websafe counterparts; removes html code; and converts 3 periods to an ellipsis.
  • You can also apply a Find-and-Replace routine and save combinations of settings as presets for future use.
  • If you’re working with plain text files, you can drag batches of them onto Text Cleaner to clean them all at once!

This is a true workhorse utility that you’ll find yourself turning to again and again.