Manage Third-Party Photoshop Plug-ins

If Photoshop gets corrupted and needs to be reinstalled, you’ll also need to reinstall your third-party plug-ins. You can avoid this by installing your third-party plug-ins into a separate folder, and then either:

• Make aliases of the plug-ins you want to use, and drag those aliases into the Plug-ins folder in the Photoshop folder


• Tell Photoshop to use your separate plug-ins folder as an additional plug-ins folder. Choose Photoshop> Preferences> Plug-ins… and tick the checkbox named Additional Plug-ins Folder. Then point it to that folder.

An additional advantage to this approach is that you can share compatible plug-ins among multiple versions of Photoshop (great when first upgrading!), and you can enable and disable plug-ins by deleting their aliases or moving them to a different folder.