Is HTML5 suitable for apps (yet)? or: HTML5 vs. native apps

I am sure you have followed the discussions kicked off when Mark Zuckerberg made his statements about whether HTML5 is suitable for apps or not.

My intention is not to repeat the arguments pro and against either approach, I think there was much said already. And as often in life the answer probably was “it depends (on what you want to do)”.

Let’s look at the “depends”. Some background first.

Official HTML5 logo by W3C. Licensed under the CC-by 3.0.

A lot of publishers, corporate and professional, are looking towards HTML5 because it is a standard. And a standard like HTML5 has the ability to separate content from (often proprietary) publishing technology and distribution solutions. A bit like PDF/X or PDF/A in Print.

Keeping your content in an open standard like HTML5 means when you decide (or are forced) to change your deployment solution and player technology for Digital Publishing, you can. It is as simple as that.

So, looking at the discussion around Zuckerberg’s statement, is it even an option to have apps in HTML5 in 2012? My strong believe is YES, when you look at “content apps” (like magazines, newspapers, catalogs, interactive brochures etc.)

And you don’t just have to take my word on it, look at content published via PressRun, a Digital Publishing solution.

Rich interactivity, animations, high-fidelty design, tailored to the device and it is all 100% HTML5 inside a native app (to get into the App Stores). For example:

Let me know what you think please, is HTML5 fit for the task?