Quark releases App Studio Factory 1.5

This notice arrived in my in-box, and it’s such good news I just had to share it. :-)

It’s fantastic to see that Quark is updating App Studio Factory to accommodate changes and opportunities in the realm of Digital Publishing!


Version 1.5 of App Studio Factory is now available. Apps built with this version include a Restore button for paid issues, to meet Apple’s requirements. If you have had an app rejected by Apple for this reason, you should rebuild the app with this version. To get the new version of App Studio Factory, launch Quark Update in the Mac OS System Preferences.

In addition, the following new features have been added to the Publishing Portal:

  • The Publishing Portal now displays information about how many devices an issue has been downloaded to, how many subscriptions have been purchased, and how many paid and free downloads have occurred.
  • The Publishing Portal also now allows you to delete unused Titles, Collections, and App Specifications.
  • The process for replacing issues on the Publishing Portal has changed. When you replace an issue, if you enter a new URL and upload a new manifest, the previous URL remains listed but is invalidated when you click “Save modifications.”

Note: Avoid using non-ASCII characters when entering information into fields on the App Studio Publishing Portal. Even curly quotation marks can cause errors.

The Quark App Studio Team