Gluon Slugger: Extreme Slugs

Gluon’s Slugger is an XTension for QuarkXPress 7/8/9 that adds a completely customizable slug to each printed page. You can include document tracking information such as Job Number, Time/Date Last Saved/Printed, Document Size, Bleed Size, Trim Size, Fonts Used, File Path (location on network), your company logo, chips for each color used, grayscale bars, sign-offs, and much more.

Customized slugs can be saved and selected for each job. The slug can be positioned anywhere on or off the page and can include bar codes that encode a document’s job number for quick lookups of up-to-the-minute job costs. It can also print the slug on a cover page.

Slugger can even track how long a document was worked on by whom, as well as how long it was open, and send the information to a server for analysis in FileMaker or Excel.

Slugger costs $219 per user, with volume discounts available, and also as part of Gluon’s $349 StudioPack.