“The Quark Game” Built Entirely in QuarkXPress

The Flash capabilities of QuarkXPress far surpass those of InDesign. (In my view, InDesign just lets you export page-turning Flash animations, while QuarkXPress lets you author complex Flash content.)

While Flash is clearly on its way out, there are still a few more years of life in it. And, although Quark hasn’t announced that their Interactive layout space will soon export to HTML5 (which is likely to replace Flash on the Web), I expect that it will.

Therefore, I am very happy to share with you a remarkable Flash project that was authored in QuarkXPress. It was created by Jonas Bohlin and is called “The Quark Game”. Have a look at it here.

If you’re impressed, you can even buy a “QuarkXPress Flash Learning Kit” for just $4.44. It includes the QuarkXPress document files, animation files, sound files, and soundtracks, along with tutorials and templates.

(By the way, I had trouble getting through this game — but then I’m a little older than their target audience.)