Analytics in apps

Quark just released a document that shows how you can implement Analytics in native apps (iPad apps):

Click here:
(and scroll down to App Studio Tracking with Google Analytics)

Best of all, all of the analytics are free of charge with Google Analytics, so it is a great start into the world of analytics in Digital Publishing.

Here’s a bit more explanation:

Often when publishers decide to publish to tablets, they want to take advantage of the potential of tracking what their readers are reading, how long they stay on a page, what video they watch, and so on. While that’s impossible to do in Print, the Web has made this is an expected commodity.

As in many other aspects, native apps fall in-between Print and Web. You can capture some analytics in an app that you can’t in Print. However you can’t capture as much as you might be doing on your website, because platform vendors such as Apple implement privacy restrictions and enforce privacy checks. This limits how much you can capture.