PDF-to-Quark FREE with QuarkXPress 9

Quark just announced that until Sept 30, if you buy an upgrade or full copy of QuarkXPress 9 they’ll give you Markzware’s new PDF2DTP (a $199 value). This XTension lets you convert a PDF file to a native, editable QuarkXPress document! (See our previous story here.)

This means that for as little as $349, you can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 and get PDF2DTP along with it!

See their announcement below for details:


Buy QuarkXPress 9 and get Markzware’s new PDF2DTP converter FREE!

You know the problems:

  • A client has a PDF to which he wants to make “minor” changes. He doesn’t have any of the source files, no native layouts, no images — all that remains is the PDF.
  • A document requires localization but all that exists is a PDF in a foreign language. The two documents must be identical and the layout must be built again from scratch.
  • Your hard drive dies or a folder is accidentally deleted and all you have left, all that can be recovered is a PDF file. There are corrections to be made but first you have to start completely over with a brand-new layout.

In each case, you need images, layers and transparencies, fonts, colors and styles. You need a desktop publishing layout in QuarkXPress in which to work.

Now with Markzware’s PDF2DTP you can turn that PDF into a QuarkXPress project!

* Reduces time and costs associated with recreating content
* Converts all types of PDFs to editable QuarkXPress 9 documents with one click
* Extracts images embedded or placed in PDFs
* Quick and easy to install and use
* Must have for any creative professional

Purchase your new QuarkXPress 9 copy now!

Until September 30 2012, receive Markzware’s PDF2DTP XTension as a gift with every purchase of QuarkXPress 9 — full product or upgrade.