How To Combine Book Chapters To Export One PDF or E-book

This question came up today:

“I created a book in QuarkXPress, using separate documents for each chapter and connecting them with the Book feature. I created a Table of Contents for the whole book and built that TOC in the Master Chapter. How can I export a whole book as one PDF and have a TOC that is hyperlinked to the different chapters?

Currently, when I export as PDF it only includes the current Layout. When I print from the Book feature, and save as PDF, it exports only the Master document as a PDF.”

The solution is simple, if annoying:

You have to combine your documents into one Layout in QuarkXPress, then export to PDF. That’s the only way you’ll keep your hyperlinks.

The good news it’s a simple thing to do: just open your main document and all the chapter documents. Change your view to Thumbnails (View> Thumbnails). Select all the pages in each chapter and drag them onto the end of your main document. It shouldn’t take but a few minutes.

This technique also works for combining chapters before generating an EPUB book or iPad app.

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