PopChar X: an Intelligent Character Chooser

I love Ergonis Software’s PopChar X, which is a tool for accessing and inserting special characters easily without having to remember keyboard combinations or search through menus. It’s especially helpful for finding glyphs from among the thousands included in advanced OpenType fonts!

You can search for fonts that contain a specific character, or “reverse font search,” so you can easily find characters that aren’t available in the currently active font.

You can also search by name for a character (for example, cubic meter), and find those characters by letting you copy a character’s Unicode name.

This update is free to anyone who purchased PopChar X in the last two years, but paying for an upgrade also guarantees you a free upgrade to PopChar 6 when it’s released.

A single-user license (up to two machines) is €29.99. Their website has an informative video showing Popchar’s features.