Get Music Rights, Quickly

Sometimes when creating an iPad app, the project seems to scream for a particular kind of music to be included.

With a library of hundreds of thousands of songs, GreenLight Music is a convenient, faster way to acquire the rights to use music for commercial purposes. This service from Corbi helps you pick an appropriate song for your project and then submit an offer to the music company for the rights (and it’ll even suggest an appropriate amount based on the song you pick).

Though you still have to wait through the approval process from the company, the artist, and the composer, GreenLight claims to be much faster than calling or faxing in your request. Once your offer is approved, you can even buy and print your license online.

There’s also a list of pre-approved songs available for immediate purchase if you can’t wait. You can browse by Theme, Mood, Genre, or Decade — and when you click on one song, other recommended songs are displayed as well. Wouldn’t your project be awesomest if it included the theme from Batman?