Gluon ProPack Free with QuarkXPress 9

Two years ago, Quark acquired Gluon, which makes some of the most valuable XTensions on the market.

I’ve raved about their ProPack set of 14 XTensions before as a “Just Buy It” bargain. Besides the XTensions mentioned below, it includes incredibly powerful tools that can generate complex mechanicals for packaging and other printed projects, check for common layout errors while you work, control spot & process colors, navigate pages via thumbnails, and much more.

Now, Quark is giving a free copy of ProPack 9 to anyone who upgrades or buys a new copy of QuarkXPress 9. See the details in Quark’s press release below:


Quark Bundles 14 XTensions for Free with QuarkXPress 9

Gluon ProPack 9 Gift with Every Purchase of QuarkXPress 9 Until End of June

DENVER – May 31, 2012- Quark announced today that anyone purchasing or upgrading to QuarkXPress® 9 between May 31 and June 30, 2012 will receive Gluon’s newest ProPack™ 9, worth $219, free of charge. Gluon’s ProPack 9 contains 14 Mac XTensions (9 Windows XTensions) and adds features, functionality, and value to QuarkXPress by automating and eliminating repetitive steps.

The offer is valid for anyone purchasing a copy of QuarkXPress, including education, non-profit, and government organizations. All QuarkXPress existing customers, including those using versions of QuarkXPress dating back to version 3, can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for $349.

“Quark has a track record of giving its customers feature-rich updates to QuarkXPress at no extra cost, such as the new Kindle export features in QuarkXPress 9.3 that were just released today. Now with Gluon’s ProPack, designers can boost their productivity even further and get even more value from their investment – all the more if they have an old copy of QuarkXPress and wish to catch-up with the current version,” said Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark.

Gluon’s ProPack includes:

  • ColuMaker™: Control column spans of selected text. You can span multiple columns, break one column into sub-columns, or convert multi-column boxes into multiple linked boxes.
  • iDropper™: Get colors from placed pictures and create instant harmonized color palettes or copy box attributes between boxes with an eyedropper tool added to Quark’s tool palette.
  • Greeker: Toggle live copy from readable text to unreadable Greeking in printouts while maintaining all paragraph formatting. Fantastic for ad designers who want to keep the client’s mind on the design and not the copy.

To see the full list of the XTensions included in ProPack 9, please visit

How to Redeem the Offer

QuarkXPress 9 can be purchased through Quark Authorised Resellers, the Quark Store, and Quark Customer Service.  To upgrade users must have a valid, registered, and activated serial number for any version of QuarkXPress. To purchase or upgrade to QuarkXPress please click here.

To receive your free copy of Gluon’s Pro Pack 9, please complete this form.

Missing Serial Number?

Customers who are unable to locate their previous QuarkXPress serial number may still have the opportunity to upgrade their licenses. In these cases, customers can provide proof of purchase or complete an online “missing serial number” form here.

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