Free Holography Webinar

ITW Foils has a free 60-minute on-demand webinar that helps designers, brand-owners and printers better understand the process, impact, and benefits of holography. Titled “Custom Holography Simplified: Brilliant New Possibilities for Designers, Brands and Printers”, watch it at

Their website is also a valuable resource for understanding special printing effects such as foils, laminates, metalization, holography and so on.

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Industry Quote 

“Most designers and printers agree that the significant barrier to using holography is the perception [and fear] of high cost, extended turnaround time, and an insecurity in using the technology to its fullest,” notes Christine Takacs, Art Director at Rapt Creative and webinar contributor and developer. “This educational webinar breaks down the process to simplify understanding and demystify these misplaced concerns. In just 60 minutes, our team of speakers provides real-world advice, design and production tips, and testimonies from the trenches that will dispel the perceptions and ease any fear of implementing holography.”

Webinar Details

The educational explains how to incorporate custom holographic images and patterns into print, label, display and packaging to improve shelf impact, positioning, authenticity and security. Design, brand, and technical experts demonstrate ITW Foils’ straightforward and innovative origination process including concept, file prep, proofing and delivery with actual packaging examples, diagrams and video. Market-specific applications are discussed with a review of customizable materials: hot foils, cold foils, laminate substrates, transfer metallized substrates and UV casting. The resulting benefits to designers, brand-owners and printers are:

  • Affordable and fast design-to-production process: holographic proofs within days of concept;
  • Accurate proofing for brand consistency and predictably stunning results;
  • Proven success in market introductions.

Webinar Educators

“Custom Holography Simplified: Brilliant New Possibilities for Designers, Brands and Printers” is moderated by noted packaging editor Jennifer Acevedo (BrandPackaging) and features speakers:

Duncan Watson (Vice President, Creative Services at AGI-Shorewood Packaging): Duncan has spent his career innovating and promoting state of the art packaging to create and grow some of the world’s iconic brands. In particular, Duncan has been instrumental in developing technologies that truly enhance the look of the brand through reflective properties. Duncan pioneered the use of custom holographic technology for consumer product packaging and has received several awards from the holography industry in recognition of his work. Over the years, Duncan has authored technical papers for the packaging industry covering several topics including color reproduction, structural design and holography.

Alan Lake (Market Development Manager, ITW Foils): Alan comes from an engineering background and has been a pioneer in holography since 1987 when he was the production manager at the first UK holography site developing holographic products from concept to completion. In the US, Alan has held business development and sales roles in the holography arena from equipment to concept, origination, specification and production. From origination foils, films and laminations to involvement with print projects, Alan has a keen understanding of the design and specification process and is able to anticipate the needs of brands when it comes to aesthetic and performance demands.

Christine Takacs (Art Director, Rapt Creative): Christine has experience in both the practice and education of surface design for print and packaging. She has developed brand campaigns and educational resources for a number of companies in the Graphic Arts Industry, becoming well-versed in metallic and holographic effects as well as in sustainable print and packaging design. A long time creative director, she understands the dynamics and challenges between designers and vendors and what it takes to get a desirable finished product. With ITW Foils, Christine has recently developed “Designed to Shine” A Comprehensive Guide to using Metallic Effects which includes a section about custom holography, along with live examples.

About ITW 

ITW Foils is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of technically superior foils, films and laminates. Their parent company is Illinois Tool Works, based in Chicago, Illinois. Through 850 decentralized businesses and operations spanning more than 50 countries, the ITW companies to provide a “Total Systems Approach” to their customers’ decorating needs. ITW Foils is a partner who understands the needs of designers and brand owners, presenting them with the resources and tools they need for Making Brands Shine™