Find & Relink Pictures in QuarkXPress

CodeWare’s PictureXTracker 5.1 is a €199 XTension for QuarkXPress 8/9 that searches your hard drive for linked pictures that are missing from one or more documents. You can control whether the search is case sensitive, includes file extensions or not, and whether to choose the file with the latest modification date.

You can also search for pictures based on resolution or color space using wildcards, and control whether Master pages and hidden or locked Layers are included in its search.

When it finds more than one possible file for one picture, it presents a list for you to choose from along with a preview and lots of picture information.

Also, you can choose to relink the picture file in only the active document or in all open documents, saving tremendous time when working on a project of related documents.

Another helpful feature: You can replace complete or partial picture paths, making it easy to replace low-res images with high-res versions in a different folder, for example.