MotionComposer Easily Creates HTML5 Animations AND Flash

HTML5 is quickly becoming the preferred way to deliver interactive animations, rather than Flash, but users of older Web browsers may not see your HTML5 animations.

If you want an easy way to create animations in both Flash and HTML5 simultaneously, check out Aquafadas’ MotionComposer ($149).

This simple, no-coding-required authoring tool for creating interactive Web content has a simplified interface that lets you build motion and animation using slides, transitions, and actions.

The final code is then simultaneously rendered as both Flash and HTML5, and can be uploaded via the integrated FTP client.

Devices that can display Flash do, and those that can’t, render the HTML5 code. You get the best of both worlds without having to guess how the end user will be viewing your content.

If you’re making iPad apps or EPUB3 publications with QuarkXPress, you’ll want your imported animations to be in HTML5 format, so check it out!