Use Your Own Fonts on Websites

Recent years have seen several “font rental” services arise for websites. They let you choose from their fonts, then you pay a fee every month to use those fonts on your web page designs. If you stop paying, they stop showing up.

In our opinion, a better solution has just arrived from FontGear. Their new FontPad Server lets you serve up your own fonts for your websites. FontPad Server allows you to specify which Internet domains are allowed to use specific sets of your web fonts. It uses industry standard secure technology to serve encrypted font data to the internet, so your font files are safe.

To use FontPad Server, web page designers include a simple CSS link in their web pages that automatically requests web fonts from your domain. FontPad Server includes professional features such as data throughput graphing, activity logs, and more. It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux servers, for $149/year or $299 for three-year license.