Text on a Circle in QuarkXPress

Believe it or not, it’s really easy to set type around the outside of a circle or oval in QuarkXPress:

  1. Use any tool to create a circular object.
  2. Change its content type to “text”. (Item> Content> Text)
  3. Change its shape type to “line”. (Item> Shape> Freehand line)
  4. Get the Text tool and type your text on the new path.

To control the starting point of the text, you can use the usual text formatting techniques such as left indent, tabs or spaces, or use the Scissors tool to cut the outline of the circle. (You’ll find it nested with the Pen tool.) Wherever you cut the path, the text will begin.

If you’re using QuarkXPress 7 and above, be sure to check out the Text On A Path controls in the Measurements palette. There, you can make the text align to the path in all kinds of weird ways, flip it to the other side of the path (good for running text INSIDE the path), and adjust the width of the stroke on the path.

By the way, these techniques also work on paths of any kind. Just create a path with the Pen tool or Freehand drawing tool, and use steps 2 and 4 above.