Free eSeminar: iPad and the Enterprise – How to Build a Sustainable Digital Strategy

Quark announced another free eSeminar, this time for March 14. This one is about developing a strategy to use iPad apps within your organization, and how to use QuarkXPress to create them. Check it out:


[eSeminar] iPad and the Enterprise – How to Build a Sustainable Digital Strategy

iPad as the device of choice for consumers and senior management is rapidly transforming the enterprise information landscape. With this pace of rapid change it’s easy to get caught between pressure to find a short-term fix and a sustainable solution that meets your larger business goals.  Identifying the dynamics, key challenges, and potential pitfalls in this fast-moving environment is key to making the correct decisions.

Register now and join Gavin Drake, Quark’s VP of Marketing, and Julie Fouque, Quark’s Senior Enterprise Product Marketing Manager, for a discussion on how you can assess your organization’s iPad requirements and put in place a digital strategy to support sustainable, long-term goals.


  • How to assess your organization’s digital requirements
  • Key considerations for enterprise iPad apps
  • Options to get started now
  • How to develop a sustainable digital publishing strategy
  • What Quark offers for digital and enterprise publishing

Not sure if you can attend the live session?

Please still register and we will send you the links to the eSeminar recording and presentation content.