New Quark Issue Previewer Available: How to get iPad layouts into it

Yesterday Apple approved the newest version (1.5) of Quark Issue Previewer, which you need to preview iPad Issues (.zave files) which have been exported out of QuarkXPress 9.

If you have already installed Quark Issue Previewer, then you’ll get an update notification. If you haven’t, here’s the link:

This release of Quark App Studio Issue Previewer supports the new App Studio features in QuarkXPress 9.2, including:

  • The ability to loop movies, hide audio controls for movies, and play multiple sounds at the same time
  • Support for Play, Pause, Stop, and Toggle Play actions
  • Support for a new pop-up option
  • The latest version of the AVE Reader component

There are four ways to get your iPad issues onto the Quark Issue Previewer:

  1. Drag the .zave file onto iTunes and sync your iPad with iTunes
  2. Faster: Open Quark Issue Previewer on your iPad, tab on the little wheel, note the URL and type that URL into a web browser on your Mac or Windows machine. Use the web page showing to sideload your .zave file to your iPad.
    (your Quark Issue Previewer in iOS Simulator will react to localhost:8080)
  3. Even faster: When exporting an iPad issue out of QuarkXPress, check the Preview checkbox and type the IP address of your iPad running the Quark Issue Previewer into it.
    (your Quark Issue Previewer in iOS Simulator will react to
  4. For external reviews: Upload the .zave file to any web server or Dropbox and note the URL of the file. Replace http:// with mykiosk:// and send this URL to your customer via email. If they have Quark Issue Previewer installed on their ipad, tabbing such a URL will automatically open the .zave file in it and display it.

Just for fun, try selecting this link from your iPhone and see what happens…?