How to Use Acrobat Distiller with QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress makes beautiful, clean PDFs directly from the File> Export menu. However, if your workflow requires that you use Acrobat Distiller to generate the PDFs, you can tell QuarkXPress to create a PostScript file instead. Here’s how:

1. Change Quark’s preferences (QuarkXPress> Preferences> PDF) to “Create PostScript File for Later Distilling“.

2. Optionally, enable the “Use Watched Folder” checkbox. This will send your PostScript files to a folder you’ve set up as a “hot” or “watched” folder in Distiller. Click the OK button.

3. Choose File> Export Layout as PDF

QuarkXPress will then create a PostScript file of your Layout and deposit it into whatever location you’ve told it to.

Here’s an additional tip for that Preferences dialog:

The “Default Layout” popup menu determines the naming convention Quark uses for your PDF. If you don’t like the default of “Project_Layout”, you can change it!