The Best Tips & Tricks from Quark’s Forums

Quark’s Matthias Guenther compiled his favorite tips & tricks that were posted by users in Quark’s forum. See the collection at, or click the links below:


QuarkXPress Tips & Tricks

Drawing, graphics, illustrations, AI

Better custom sharp shadows on text

Get paths from Illustrator as native QuarkXPress bezier curves

Create a pie

Mirror shapes

Images, Pictures, PSD

Scale pictures more than 1000% or less than 10%

Pictures to run with text

Multiple picture import / drag & drop

Assign a shortcut key to “fit proportionally” images

Text, typography, Word & Excel import

Automatically growing text boxes

Text boxes with columns with different width

Sort text in QuarkXPress


Import of large Excel tables (multiple pages)

Add line numbers to text

Auto-number (e.g. for tickets)

Have both page numbers of a spread on a single page

Search and replace special characters

Search and replace several replace pairs in one go

Automatically replace URLs by hyperlinks that can be exported live into PDF:

Style sheet that forces a page break

Circular text or text on a curve

How to evenly distribute tabs in a text box


Cut/Copy boxes without switching to Item Tool

Prep, Prefs, Pages, document construction

Master pages based on master pages (workaround)


Export QuarkXPress document (groups) as JPEG or GIF

Export QuarkXPress document (layout) as layered TIFF


Create a custom color scheme for QuarkXPress 8:

Assign custom shortcuts to menus (Mac only):

Automatic synchronization of resources (colors, style sheets) across documents:

How to see EPS previews in the Get Picture dialog under Leopard?