File Juicer: File Recovery Magic

File Juicer ($18) is a terrific utility for recovering text, graphics, movies, and audio from files that you cannot open.

Whether the file is damaged, or just so old that you can’t open it on your current Mac, just drop it onto File Juicer. A folder will appear containing all the text and graphics it can recover from the file.

File Juicer is also handy for extracting text and graphics from PowerPoint or PDF files, or even from the Web archive files saved by Safari! It’s a quick way to grab all the HTML and graphics from a Web page: just tell Safari to save the Web page (File> Save As…) and then drag the resulting Web archive file onto File Juicer.

You can even use it as a file recovery tool: File Juicer’s File menu lets you pull content from iPhone/iPad backups, camera cards, iTunes, iChat, Web browser caches, and Flash player caches.