Quark’s New Rounded Corner Box Controls

Here’s a recent feature you may have missed: In QuarkXPress 8 and above, corner styles are now a box attribute. You can change a rectangular box into a rounded-corner box — and control the radius of the corners — from a drop-down menu in the Measurements palette! Just select a box in your layout and click the first (Classic) tab:

In QuarkXPress 9, you can also use the new ShapeMaker feature (Utilities> ShapeMaker) to create a box where each corner is shaped differently:

In ShapeMaker’s Rectangles tab, you can separately configure each corner of the box by unchecking Same for all, or check Same for all and configure all four corners with a single set of controls. Whichever way you do it, you can use the drop-down menu to specify a corner type (Normal, Rounded, Beveled, Concave, Pointed, or Inset) and a diameter.

Curvature: Controls how curved the corners are.

Balance: For some options, lets you control whether the corners lean toward the sides of the box or toward the top.

Radial: For some options, lets you control whether the corners of the box are aligned with the center of the box or not.

Notice the checkbox labeled “Alter Current Box” — this lets you change the corners of the currently selected box, rather than letting Shapemaker create a new box.

If you create a shape you really like, you can save it as a Preset to apply to other boxes or to create new boxes. Just click the Presets tab and give it a name.

So… go forth and make rounded corners!

(Before QuarkXPress 9, ShapeMaker was a feature in Gluon’s ProPack set of XTensions. Quark acquired Gluon and included this feature in QuarkXPress 9. You can add the ShapeMaker feature to QuarkXPress 6, 7 or 8 by purchasing Gluon’s ProPack 6ProPack 7, or ProPack 8, which include more than a dozen other powerful XTensions that I’ve previously called essential.)