Control Double-Click Behavior

Several people have asked me a question that goes something like this:

“I upgraded to QuarkXPress 8/9, and now when I double-click a text box it opens the Modify dialog. Previously, QuarkXPress would helpfully switch to the Content tool so I could edit the text in the box. What changed, and how do I get my old tool behavior back?”

The problem/solution centers around this new feature in QuarkXPress 8 and above: the first time you double-click a text or picture box with the Item tool, a dialog appears asking you how you want QuarkXPress to behave every subsequent time you double-click a box. It looks like this:


If your Item tool is opening the Modify dialog when you double-click a text box, then someone chose that option and ticked the “Don’t display dialog again” checkbox. (It may have been a co-worker who got hold of your new QuarkXPress before you did!)

Resetting the option is easy — just choose QuarkXPress> Preferences (Mac) or Edit>Preferences (Windows):

Select Tools under the Print Layout section. Then double-click on the Item tool icon (the double-arrow) to open the Item tool preference dialog. Make your choice and click the OK button.


From then on, when you use the Item tool to double-click a text box, the Text Content Tool will become active and you’ll see the familiar blinking text cursor to edit the text in the box!