Quark App Studio will Support iOS 5 Newsstand

Here’s some great news from Quark about creating iPad apps with QuarkXPress!

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Quark App Studio will Support iOS 5 Newsstand

Quark announced today that Quark App Studio™, the new solution that together with QuarkXPress® 9 allows designers to create branded apps for the iPad, will support iOS 5 Newsstand. A part of iOS 5, the next release of the Apple operating system used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Newsstand will offer iPad users a designated space for accessing their magazine and newspaper app subscriptions, complete with automatic downloads and notifications when new issues are available. With QuarkXPress 9 and App Studio, magazine and newspaper publishers will be able to distribute and sell apps and issues through a new section in the Apple App Store dedicated to digital publications.

“By making it simple for iPad users to purchase and interact with their magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Apple’s Newsstand will encourage the continued adoption of digital content,” said Dan Logan, QuarkXPress Senior Product Manager for Quark. “With Quark App Studio we are not only helping designers rethink how readers consume content, but with affordable pricing we are able to offer publishers and organizations of all sizes the ability to make their digital publishing visions a reality. We’re seeing our newspaper and magazine publishers take the digital reading experience to the next level.”

About App Studio

Launched in September 2011, App Studio is already being lauded as the solution for publishing to the iPad that is most accessible to designers, media, and corporate publishers. Together with QuarkXPress 9, App Studio enables designers to create branded apps for the iPad, distribute apps through the Apple App Store, and design and publish content that can be purchased from within the apps.

For a full overview of App Studio, including in-depth training material, please visit: http://www.quark.com/AppStudio/.

App Studio users will be able to download new App Studio Factory app templates with Newsstand support soon after iOS 5 is made available. App Studio is powered by Aquafadas technology.

App Boot Camps

In October Quark is hosting App Studio Boot Camps in Denver and London. In each one-day event attendees will learn how to create, design, and publish apps to the App Store, as well as how to publish enriched, immersive content to those apps. Quark’s own experts, as well as special industry guests, will guide attendees through the process and offer insight into iPad and tablet publishing. For more about the event in Denver, please visit: http://publish.quark.com/content/AppStudioBootCamp and for the London event, please visit: http://www.macworld.co.uk/events/appcreatesessions/.