Convert Flash to HTML 5 and Other Formats

As you know, QuarkXPress lets you create Flash animations — from simple to quite advanced. If you want to convert your Flash-based animations into other formats, check out these options:

Google Labs’ Swiffy is a free service for converting animations from SWF (Flash) format to HTML 5, bringing them into compliance with Web standards and making them usable on iOS devices such as Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Swiffy shows you a preview of your existing SWF animation and the HTML 5 version before you download it. Swiffy also lets you preview the converted file on your mobile device — just by pointing your mobile device at the QR code displayed on the Web page! Try it at

(Note: file sizes may grow, so be sure to check that.)


If your animations are in FLA format (native to Flash Professional), instead try Adobe’s Wallaby service.


Another option for converting SWF or Flash video to other formats such as .mp4 for iPod and iPhone is Macvide’s FlashVideo Converter ($100). It converts SWF files and Flash video to QuickTime (.mov), iPhone/iPod (.mp4), Mobile .3gp, DVD video (MPEG2) and other formats, with control over video resolution, frame rate, audio settings and more.


If you only need to convert Flash video, try iFunia’s Media Converter for Mac ($49), which converts video and audio content between formats. It supports formats such as AVI, MKV, FLV, MPEG, WMV, H.264, MP4 and MOV, can convert HD video, offers batch conversion, and includes output options for the iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, iDVD and Final Cut Pro, and other portable media players. It also includes editing tools for trimming or combining video and audio clips, splitting clips, adding effects, and watermarking videos.