Why People Use QuarkXPress

I saw an insightful post at LinkedIn today, by a QuarkXPress user. I believe it’s an understanding shared by many QuarkXPress users:


“Currently I can get more done in my familiar QuarkXPress than InDesign. I will have to ramp up my background in InDesign just to meet industry needs but I am also going to upgrade to QuarkXPress 9. I think QuarkXPress will be a viable player in the design market as the economy recovers and addresses vertical markets within the publication field.

I have seen Quark bring interactive design to the core QuarkXPress product and at one time explore the packaging market with a program that allowed die cuts and folds to be applied to a layout, then previewed in 3D.

Major retailers have used QuarkXPress to generate database driven price schedules on mailers printed for 25+ markets. Of course InDesign must also have plugins that allow the same process by now, after QuarkXPress.”


 I just felt like sharing today… :-)