Troubleshooting: QuarkXPress & Lion

I just read a helpful thread on the Apple support forum about how to handle problems that may appear when opening an old QuarkXPress document on a new Mac or new Mac OS.

The techniques apply to any version of QuarkXPress, and any Mac OS. Essentially, they are:

  • Disable your fonts. Some fonts may not be as healthy as they could be, and can cause problems. If your document opens and can be edited, then you know there was a font problem and you’ll need to replace the font or fonts.
  • Hold down the Alt/Option key when clicking “Open” in the Open dialog box (File> Open). This will rebuild the document using the latest text engine in QuarkXPress. This is actually the RECOMMENDED way to open older documents into QuarkXPress, on a Mac or Windows!
  • If you have any QuarkXPress Preferences files in the root Library folder (Macintosh/Library/Preferences/Quark), move them to your Desktop and re-launch QuarkXPress. They shouldn’t be at the root level (which is for all users), but rather in your User Library folder ([username]/Library/Preferences/Quark). While you’re at it, move the Preferences file from your User Library folder to the Desktop as well. QuarkXPress will build a new Preferences file in your User Library folder. If the problem goes away, then great! If not, you can move your Preferences file back into your User Library folder and try another troubleshooting approach.
  • Use the Append feature to bring older documents into a newer document: create a new document, choose File> Append and then select your old document. It will be added as a new Layout in your current Project, all cleaned up and ready to go. (One hopes!)
  • Contact Quark’s free technical support at

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