FREE Webinar: Taking Care of Business

Continuing in their insanely valuable series of FREE webinars, is offering two full days of “Taking Care of Business” on Sept 9-10. Below is the description. Register for it here.


Tamara will take you through the fundamentals of business one piece at a time in this high-energy course. Turn ideas into plans, take action, and see results. This workshop is more than an overview about business. It’s how you can practically apply these principles to build a more effective and profitable company for yourself:

Day 1 – September 9th

Where We Left Off: The White Board
Why Doing it ALL Will Take You Down
Creating An Online Presence
Who Are You: Brand Culture
Marketing (That Works)
Strategy to Action: Doing the Work

Day 2 – September 9th

REAL Client Service
Money!!! Finance, Cash Flow and Profit
Get Legit: Legal Considerations
Small Shifts, Big Changes … Examine Your Attitude
Sales, Sales, Sales
Go Forth & Conquer!

We’ll look at how your company is perceived by potential clients. We’ll address subtle changes you can make to ensure that this perception is improved both online and via word‑of‑mouth.

We’ll look at marketing strategy, nailing down your own marketing message, and we’ll create an opportunity for you to better envision what you want to go after, who you want to go after, and explain how keeping that in mind the whole way through can make SUCH a difference.

We’ll examine the details that you need to know when it comes to contracts, finances and money. We’ll look at money in a way that recognizes how it powers your business and we’ll talk about how to increase your profits.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll present this information in a way that allows you to substantially improve your current business model. How can you make your systems go faster, let you work less, and have more intelligent processes in place? It’s not as hard as it seems. Tamara is going to show you exactly how to do that step by step.