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Googley Fonts – Custom Type Design as Brand Touchpoint

Sponsored by: Monotype Imaging

Monotype ImagingTypefaces are a critical tool for creating a brand voice. Used properly, type will maintain a positive connection between a product and a user – particularly in an interactive setting. Steve Matteson, Creative Type Director for Monotype Imaging, is the designer of typefaces for brands such as Microsoft, Xbox and the Android OS. Nearly 400 million people interact with these typefaces in everyday life. Steve will discuss why type is important, the type design process and challenges faced in creating typefaces for electronic media.

About the presenter:

Monotype ImagingSteve Matteson is a 1988 graduate of the School of Printing at Rochester Institute of Technology, Steve found his passion for type and typography among the historic collections of books, metal type, type-casting equipment and printing presses. In 1990 Steve was hired by Monotype Typography as a contractor to aid in the production of Microsoft’s first TrueType fonts. Having already spent over two years mastering the hinting algorithms of a similar technology for another company, TrueType was an easy transition, and produced fonts for OEM customers such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Working on the technical aspects of type helped fuel Steve’s ambition to design new typefaces. He completed a handwriting design called Andy and a revival of Frederic Goudy’s Truesdell in 1993. These were quickly followed by a screen font design for main frame terminal emulation (Andalé), Blueprint, Fineprint, Binner Gothic, Goudy Ornate, and user interface fonts for the original Xbox, Windows Vista and the Android OS.

When: Tuesday, August 16th, 4:00-5:00 PM ET

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