Sex, Drugs & Helvetica

I just had to share this:


Positive Posters announce their first conference for graphic design students: Sex, Drugs & Helvetica. Among other topics, the conference covers:

  • dealing with and charging clients
  • what to put in your folio and how to present it
  • the must have books and must read blogs
  • knowing who actually owns your work
  • the day in the life of a designer

Join Melbourne designers and other industry professionals as they answer your questions and shed light on the things that matter to young designers. Sex, Drugs & Helvetica, an event by Positive Posters for graphic design students in a big room with seats.

The Positive Posters team strongly encourage graphic design students to attend. They have tried to pack as much value in as possible and kept the price student-friendly at AUD $40.

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica

Thursday, 25 August 2011, 9:15-16:30

Cost: $40

Location: 242 Telstra Conference Centre, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne

For more info: