MadeToPrint Simplifies Complex Printing

Axaio’s remarkable MadeToPrint is now available for QuarkXPress 5/6/7/8/9. This XTension lets you combine all the settings for a particular printing job into a selectable item: printer, Page Setup, PDF, EPS and Print settings. This lets you (or an inexperienced coworker) easily print the same document to a laser printer, color proofer, or imagesetter, and export to PDF or EPS with all the correct settings. You can even make a group of settings for several different printers, and send a document to all the printers at once — or to a printer and simultaneously to PDF, PostScript or EPS.

The latest version adds the ability to build nearly any kind of document layout, from simple booklets to complex brochures, catalogs and books. Users can output fully imposed jobs, from booklets to N-up, and choose between run list (e.g. 4 pages step & repeat) and imposition sheets (e.g. 2 pages A4 single sided).

MadeToPrint also lets users manage output file names and add custom name tags such as output time, the name of the output machine, language version, and more.

You can also optionally break a print job into separate pages, helpful when  printing long documents that may otherwise choke or slow the printer. When creating a PDF, you can access Distiller’s settings from within the Print dialog box. MadeToPrint can also generate a job slug or a new name for the output file based on several variables including date & time, user, page(s), and last modification date & time.

MadeToPrint comes in two versions: Standard (€ 349) processes one file at a time from within QuarkXPress. Auto (€ 2,490) adds a batch-printing feature that lets you assign a preset to a folder, then drag a QuarkXPress document into that folder to automatically output it using that preset.

MadeToPrint is currently on sale for a reduced price at ThePowerXChange.