FontExplorer X Pro 3 Review: 5/5 Mice

In version 3 of FontExplorer X Pro, Linotype has made a powerful font manager even more valuable and fun to use.

It can now import complete libraries, including sets, from Suitcase Fusion and FontAgent Pro. This makes it much easier to migrate to FontExplorer without losing your organizational work in your previous font manager.

One unique new feature compares fonts to show you how much shorter or longer your text flow will be when using each one, and even how much ink each one will use! For example:

Font specimen page printing is also vastly improved (this one feature is enough to justify the $79 purchase). There are many other unique features for creative professionals, including auto-activation XTensions for QuarkXPress 9 and earlier.

I encourage you to read my review for Macworld here. Spoiler: I rated it 5 out of 5 mice.