Free webinar: Digital Editions In The App Age

The future of digital publications, as either apps or EPUBs, is being created Right Now. For two experts’ take on it, check out this free webinar:


Digital Editions In The App Age

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – 2:00pm – Register Now

The rise of mobile apps is generating an excitement that hasn’t been seen in years. The potential for reviving storied print brands and generating new revenue streams in a brand-new, yet somehow familiar medium, is tremendous. Importantly, though, the move from print to apps is an evolution, and thankfully, this path has been paved by digital-magazines over the past decade. In this Webinar, we look at how digital-magazines were the “proto”-apps, and how they can be used to supercharge your next-generation app, while at the same time continuing to serve the large portion of your reader base that remains in the browser environment.