Macworld Masterclass: Master QuarkXPress Style Sheets

At the Macworld UK website, Michael Burns presents a step-by-step process for creating and using character-based and paragraph-based Style Sheets. My favorite part is how to use Find/Change to replace locally styled text with Style Sheets. Here’s the introduction to the article:


Consistency is key to any publication, whether it’s in print or interactive. Making sure that you have the same page elements throughout your document is one of the basic rules of publishing. Style Sheets are the key to consistency in QuarkXPress, enabling you to control the formatting of elements throughout a document.

The Style Sheets palette in QuarkXPress is split between Character and Paragraph Styles: Character Styles control text appearance – the font, the colour, the size and other formatting; Paragraph Styles control leading, alignment, indents and so on. Here, you’ll learn how Style Sheets, as well as some new features in QuarkXPress 8 and 9, can add consistency and streamline your design workflow.


Check it out here.