QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tip: Cloning Pages

In Macworld UK, Michael Burns wrote helpful decriptions of 18 of the new features in QuarkXPress 9.

Their editors have graciously allowed us to publish a few, including the one below. Be sure to catch all of them in “QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tips” here.


Cloning pages

You can use Cloner to copy pages into a separate project. First, deselect all items. Next, choose Utilities > Cloner to display the Cloner dialog box. Click Pages in the Clone Source area and either specify All or specify a page number or range of pages. You can now check the Make Section box and choose to either keep all of the page copies in a single layout in the destination layout – even if they originate from different sections (Keep Contiguous option) – or preserve section breaks in the copies, if the indicated page range includes section breaks (Multiple Sections option).