QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tip: Anchoring Callouts

In Macworld UK, Michael Burns wrote helpful decriptions of 18 of the new features in QuarkXPress 9.

Their editors have graciously allowed us to publish a few, including the one below. Be sure to catch all of them in “QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tips” here.


Anchoring callouts

If you create a callout, in the form of a box or groups, and you want it to move automatically with a particular spot in a text story, you can associate it with a callout anchor. Go to the point in the text you want to associate it with and choose Item > Callout Anchor > Insert Callout Anchor. Once you have created your callout element, return to Item > Callout Anchor and choose Associate with Callout Anchor. Now, if your text containing the callout anchor moves to a new page or spread, the callout moves with it. To break the association, return to the menu and choose Release Callout.

Callout styles

You can control the positioning of a callout by configuring its callout anchor manually, but rather than recreating those settings each time, you can simply select the callout anchor and click an appropriate callout style in the Callout Styles palette (Window menu). To create a callout style, use the Callout Styles dialog box (Edit > Style Sheets) and click new or edit. Here you can configure how the callout aligns relative to the spread, the page, the box or cell that contains the callout anchor, the paragraph that contains the callout anchor, or the callout anchor itself. Click OK to save the style.