QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tip: Bullets, numbering, and outline lists

In Macworld UK, Michael Burns wrote helpful decriptions of 18 of the new features in QuarkXPress 9.

Their editors have graciously allowed us to publish a few, including the one below. Be sure to catch all of them in “QuarkXPress 9 Expert Tips” here.


Bullets, numbering, and outline lists

Instead of manually inserting bullets and numbers and then manually formatting paragraphs to accommodate them, you can select your list and click on the Paragraph Attributes tab in the Measurements palette.

Click on the menu next to the •123 icon for options to choose a bullet, number or outline list (with a further choice of numbered, bullet and plain styles). You can also control how such lists behave by choosing Bullet, Numbering, and Outline Styles from the Edit menu and choosing Edit. You can choose how the element should look, what formatting it should have, how far it should be from the text, and how it should be aligned.