See Everything Your Mac Printed

Mac OS X keeps track of all the jobs each Mac has printed to any printer. To see the list, open the Print & Fax preference pane, choose a printer, click the Open Print Queue… button.

Choose Jobs> Show Completed Jobs to see a list of jobs that were printed from that Mac. Choose Jobs> Show Everyone’s Jobs to see a list of jobs that were printed by all users.

Click on any Job, then on the Info icon to see everything about that print job.

Tip #2: To see everything about every printer on your network, type this into your Web browser:

This brings up the interface to CUPS, the Common UNIX Printing System used by Mac OS X for printing. There, you can see the current jobs printing to any printer, and a list of all jobs printed to that printer from your Mac. You can also stop jobs, restart jobs, stop a printer entirely, and control aspects of each printer, including printing its test page, configuring its options, setting it as the Default printer, or even removing it entirely from your Mac’s printing system.