Creative design tips for e-mail signatures

Macworld just posted a story I wrote about “Creative design tips for e-mail signatures“. In it, I discuss the pros and cons of using text formatting to create a signature that reflects a bit about who you are (or want to be).

Here’s how it begins:

“If you consider yourself creative, you’ve likely considered designing a fancy signature line for your e-mail messages. It’s a terrific opportunity to express a bit of your personality without requiring any additional work when composing your message—and without adding extra file size to your e-mail. (Your recipients will appreciate that!) Plus, it makes the e-mail more distinctive, acting almost as a business card, if your recipient wants to print it out.

The trick is to know a little about how e-mail works in general, and how to use text formatting to express your identity.”

If you’d like to spice up your email signature without adding graphics, check it out!