Badia XTensions Now Available for QuarkXPress 9

I’ve written about Badia Software‘s XTensions for many years, both here and in Design Tools Monthly, and enthusiastically recommend them.

Five of their XTensions are now available for QuarkXPress 9, as well as for previous versions of QuarkXPress.

Please see their press release below.


Badia Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of several products for QuarkXPress 9, the newest release of Quark’s page-layout and design software. The following products are now fully compatible with QuarkXPress 9:

BigPicture 4.5 gives you the most comprehensive solution for managing graphics and picture links. You get instant access to detailed image information, complete picture lists, a unique search and relink engine, plus powerful tools for updating, revealing, opening, renaming, replacing and moving multiple links.

ContactPage 3.5 enables you to create customizable contact sheets of pictures with user-defined captions and annotations. Whether it’s a print or web project, ContactPage can build a document with all the necessary pages, import hundreds of images and place text captions in just seconds.

Duplica 4.5 allows you to sample and apply text and item attributes using multiple clipboards. Simply choose the attributes you wish to copy, and then use the eyedroppers to duplicate the same styling in other parts of the document.

Exportools Professional 3.1 can output as single-page files any number of QuarkXPress projects in batch. With its unique file-naming capabilities, preflighting options, and intuitive design, Exportools Professional can quickly and effectively generate hundreds of PDF, PostScript, or print files.

FullMeasure 5.5 is a powerful control palette that gives you instant access to more than 160 functions, attributes and tools right at your fingertips. The FullMeasure strip is organized into 12 panels that comprise text and paragraph formats, rule settings, picture information, document preferences and more.

Offer expires May 31, 2011

OpenNow Pro 4.5 allows you to open any QuarkXPress project’s picture with the application of your choice and at the same time view detailed and comprehensive picture information. Double-click any picture to see all image settings, such as color model, effective resolution, and the full path.

Special Offers

If you already own any of these products for QuarkXPress 8, you can upgrade to the same product and number of licenses for QuarkXPress 9 at no extra charge. Simply download and install the versions for QuarkXPress 9 and use.

To celebrate the release of QuarkXPress 9, you can now get OpenNow Pro for just $19 (€15), that’s more than 50% off its retail price! But hurry, this offer expires May 31, 2011.

System requirements for any product for QuarkXPress 9: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (except Exportools Professional) or 10.6 Snow Leopard, Intel processor.